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Smile Africa, your Dental Clinic

A state of the art clinic equipped with the latest advancements in dentistry!

Our Story

Smile Africa Dental Clinic boasts a unique team consisting of highly experienced dentists who created one of the pioneering private dental practices in the country as well as highly-qualified dentists and specialists with work experience in Europe and USA.

Our Facilities

We strongly believe in the use of the latest technologies in the industry to provide the highest level of care to our patients. These include digital x-rays available in all 6 of our dental treatment rooms, a centralized 3D cone beam CT, multiple 3D intraoral scanners and an in-house digital 3D printing laboratory for immediate fabrication of prosthetic solutions!

This is all integrated in a serene, calming setting with relaxing design features, natural lighting, spacious waiting areas and an outdoor zen garden where you can unwind an relax before your dental visit.

Smile Africa_08.jpg

Front Desk

Smile Africa_26.jpg

Waiting Area

Smile Africa_21.jpg

Treatment Rooms

Smile Africa_29.jpg

3D Radiology

Smile Africa_33.jpg


Smile Africa_32.jpg

Digital Lab

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